RV Buyer's Survival Guide: Edition III

The all new THIRD Edition of the "RV Buyers Survival Guide". Edition 1 sold out over 10,000 copies in just 18 months and helped thousands of RVers save big on inflated asking prices. The two or so hours of reading will enlighten you to the ins and outs of the RV Buying process. A process who's "insider secrets" have been closely guarded until now. You'll build your confidence by understanding both how to properly shop for an RV, how to negotiate by being able to calculate the dealers actual cost factors, and how to control the sales process. Armed with this information you'll be able to join Bob's swelling ranks of readers who have saved thousands of dollars on their purchases. Many happy readers have said that the "RV Buyers Survival Guide" was the best investment they made in owning an RV.

In his book, "The RV Buyers Survival Guide: How to survive and profit through the buying experience" - Bob Randall tells all. He shares the knowledge of his 25+ years as both a RV manufacturer and RV dealer to show you how to make the right choices and pay a fair price - NOT what is being asked. Bob uses an easy to follow step by step funnel approach to help you sift through the 100's of choices out there. He shows you how to control the sales process in a manner which allows you to come out the winner every time and not get taken for a financial ride. Whether you are brand new to RVing or just moving up to something else, you can't afford to not know what he shares in this guide. Many dealers have referred to this guide as the "little black book of RV knowledge"…can you really afford to buy without it?

From the Author

My thinking in writing this book was simple, help more people join the great RV lifestyle without having to go through all the hassles that are part of the normal buying process. It will help you both understand what your looking to buy, how it will fit your needs, and how to get rid of the hype and misinformation that is the RV buying process. After learning how to control the buying process, I'll teach you the tricks of winning the negotiating phase of the purchase. There is NO reason you can't buy ANY RV at a discounted price, if you understand how the system works and know what to expect along the way. Since I wrote the first edition almost two years ago, I've gotten hundreds of thank you letters from readers who followed the system to a happy ending. If I'm guilty of anything, it's of writing in what I call a "all the facts…without the fluff" format …no pretty pictures…just concise information written to save you hassles and money and get you out there enjoying the great RV lifestyle, not in a showroom fighting a sales person.

About the Author

The author has been in the RV business since the early 70's. He spent 20 years working as Director of Sales for the largest builder of RVs in North America. After two decades, he retired from this role and became sales manager of a RV dealership where he learned all the selling and closing tricks used to get the most amount of dollars from customers. From providing insight of the selection process to understanding dealer cost factors, he shares all with those wanting "more for less." His popular "all the facts without the fluff" approach is refreshing and easy to follow. While helping you cut through the sales hype he gives you the information dealers hate for you to know.

Excerpt From the Book

Excerpted from "RV Buyers Survival Guide" Edition III by Bob Randall. Copyright 2007. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. "Congratulations. If you are reading this guide, you are likely preparing to take a big step forward in your life by joining the many millions of others who enjoy the RV lifestyle. To truly enjoy this lifestyle, you must first have the means to seek out your dream destinations - an RV. At first thought, you might say, "No big deal. I'll just go buy something and hit the road. "Hold that thought!! This can very well be your first step towards a nightmare that is repeated day in and day out in every corner of North America. Simply put…MOST RVers sign on the bottom line without getting the best deal they could have. These people envision an RV as their ticket to adventure and serenity. And with this lofty dream in mind, they walk blindly into an RV dealership - so consumed by their dream that they ignore one stark reality: that without the proper knowledge of what they are doing they can easily, and inadvertently, hand over way too much of their hard-earned money to someone who may not have their best interest in mind. The purpose of this guide is to prepare you to make an informed purchase. Unlike automobiles, there are literally hundreds of RV manufacturers building a mind boggling number of brands. Most offer dozens of floor plans in each brand. With the help of this guides funnel approach, you'll be able to determine what is right for you. And then - and only then - the "insider secrets" will provide you with the ammunition you'll need to negotiate a fair price. Buying an RV is not just about what you pay for it. It's about making sure that you get what you pay for and that what you get is what you need. Buying large ticket items has always been something you should approach with both eyes open, and knowledge afore hand. I hope in your reading of this guide, that we can open you eyes wide in understanding the buying process…before you open your checkbook. Good Luck and Good Shopping - Bob"

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